DeLaval Milking Parlors

DeLaval Parallel Milking Parlors

Suspended butt-pan gives the operator an unobstructed view of the udder resulting in a better working environment. Remote start saves the operator time and energy of reaching up to the control panel. Optimal cow comfort

Cluster support provides comfort for both operator and cow by ensuring perfect cluster alignment, preventing liner slip and helping ro reduce risk of mastitis.

As a robust structure, our parallel parlors provide low maintenance. Heavy-duty cylinders and no steel-to-steel wear points provide excellent reliability and a long parlor lifetime.

DeLaval Herringbone Milking Parlors

The very functional design flow in the DeLaval herringbone parlor creates a comfortable working environment for both operator and cows. It enables speedy cleaning with vital working parts safely concealed underneath cabinets – saving time, labor and costs. The wide entrance lane helps cows feel comfortable right from the start. We eliminated any structural parts not essential to help keep your cows in position. This has simplified the parlor, and with the brisket rails rising up for cows to exit, creates a wide-open platform for better cow flow. The open platform also makes the parlor much easier to clean.

The robust structure provides a safe working environment with minimal effort for maintenance work. The hard-wearing cylinders, the abandonment wear points, where steel meets steel and a strong, rectangular construction frame, give your milking parlor an enormous longevity and is designed for up to 24 hours per day of milking time. DeLaval HDHB is designed for quick installation. Bolted construction means that components are easy to ship, easy to handle on site, and fast and easy to install. This all reduces installation time and costs. Only a few parts require welding. This sensible design also allows for later expansion or adding more components.

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