About Ederer Dairy Supply / Professional Dairy Services

Ederer Dairy Supply is a second generation, family owned business, serving dairy farmers since 1973. Our uncompromised installation, electrical and advisory services have helped more than 800 Southern Wisconsin dairies grow.

Professional Dairy Services (PDS) has been a trusted name in the dairy industry since 1982. In that time, installing numerous parlors and provided service excellence throughout the Midwest. Our more recent installations have expanded into robotic and rotary milking systems. Edere Dairy Supply purchased PDS in February 2016.

Together we are a full service DeLaval dealer serving customers throughout Southern Wisconsin. We provide the highest quality milking systems and farm equipment, which include robots, rotaries, herd management, calf feeders, cooling, hygiene products and electrical services.

Our professional technicians along with our hygiene division have many years of experience and are available to provide full service to your dairy 24 hours a day. Dairy producers have the convenience of choosing one of the current locations in Plain, Blachardville, and Dodgeville. The unification of experience resulted in expanding to a new location in Arlington in 2019.

Starting in 2021, we will be merging our two companies into one under the name Ederer's Professional Dairy Service.