Animal Health Products

DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB

Use of the SCB will ensure a cleaner coat by removing dirt and debris, allowing cows to more effectively cool their bodies and put their energy into milk production.

DeLaval mini swinging brush MSB

The DeLaval mini swinging brush MSB allows calves to enjoy the same daily grooming benefits as the 4 million dairy cows worldwide that benefit from the original SCB.

DeLaval Teat Dips

Good udder hygiene practices should be an important part of the daily milking routine. Using the right udder hygiene products and tools will help you to maximize the effect of the mastitis prevention program.


Acid detergents effectively remove minerals building in milking and cooling systems. These solutions help save time and money without compromising milk quality.

Alkaline detergents, with or without chlorine, are effective in removing butterfat and milk protein. The wide range of products can meet the needs varying water conditions and temperature fluctuations.

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